Groups are always welcome at Sunspot Solar Observatory!

Now matter what your age, Sunspot Solar Observatory is the perfect location for your next outing.

What we Offer?

Museum - The Visitor Center features exhibits on the Sun, planets, general astronomy, Apache Point Observatory, and the Lincoln National Forest.

Guided Walking Tour - Walk less than a 1/2 mile loop around the property as we share the history and science conducted in each of the facilities. Included in the tour is an inside view of the last active solar telescope. Inside you will learn about the unique, state-of-the-art instruments we use to study the Sun. Tours typically take 1 hour.

Hands-on Activity - Interested in learning more about the Sun? We offer engaging, learning activities for students to explore. 60 minutes.



Museum & Tour - $5.00 per motorized vehicle or $15.00 per commercial vehicle/bus

Hands-on Activity Add-on - $1.00 per student

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Youth Organizations

Bring your Scout troop, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, or other youth organization to enjoy hands-on fun at the observatory.

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Senior Groups

Sunspot Solar Observatory is the ideal destination! Enjoy the glorious drive to the observatory on NM Scenic Byway 6563. Hear about the rich history and science of our observatory. Take a break on one of our benches and soak in the nature surrounding us.